Monday, January 28, 2013

Compliant to the Chief Minister.


The Hon’ble Chief Minister,
Fort. St. George,
Chennai 600 009

Hon’ble Madam,
                            Sub: Police- Confinement of police officers and other offences-
                                    committed by lawyers at Karur- Morale of the police force taking
                                    a nosedive -Deterrant action- Prayed for.
                            Ref: News item in Page No. 5 in the English daily Deccan Chronicle
                                    dtd. 23.1.2013

                                    Kind attention of the Hon’ble Chief Minister is drawn to the news item referred to above.   The information is that a couple of police officers were kept confined by a group of lawyers in their bar association office at Karur on 22.1.2013, besides another group of lawyers snatching the vehicle key of another police officer in the district court complex.  Prima facie, at least three offences- wrongful confinement, preventing a public servant from discharging his duty and robbery have been committed against the police officers who were on duty in the court complex.   The offences have been committed in full public view.    It appears that the illegal acts against the police officers have not been taken to their logical follow up action.   The incident is quite shocking and alarming.   It is bound to ruin the morale of the police force in the entire state, which is under the merciful custody of the Hon’ble Chief Minister.

                                      Under the circumstances, we pray our Hon’ble Chief Minister to  issue such directions as to take suitable and deterrent actions to restore the morale of the force which is under severe strain.   
Yours failthfully,


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