Saturday, February 25, 2012

முதல்வருக்கோர் மடல்.


N.K.Velu., ADSP.
Selvi J.Jayalalitha,
Honourable Chief Mininster
Fort St. George,
Chennai 600  009

Respected Madam,

                              Sub: Encounter at Velachery on 24.2.2012

                               Kind attention of the Hon’ble Chief Minister is drawn to the encounter in which 5 North Indian criminals who opened fire on the police party were killed on in the early hours of 24.2.2012.
                               As is well known the entire state of Tamil Nadu heaved a sigh of relief when the news came that the entire day light dacoit gang was killed in an encounter.   As a matter of fact it was rejoiced as a birth day gift of the Chief Minister and celebrated.   The entire state was in all praise for the state police for the remarkable speed with which the armed upcountry gang was located and shot dead.   Had the police not acted the way they did, the gang would have killed a few police men and escaped.   They would have gone back to their native Bihar or to any untraceable location with the bonanza of the booty.

                                 But, unfortunately, a few self claimed human rights activists raise a hue and cry claiming that the police murdered the innocents.   Responding to it the Human Rights Commission has also initiated an enquiry even as a mandatory magisterial enquiry is on.

                                It may be recalled that a police officer in uniform was brutally attacked by a gang on a public highway  while on duty  riding his two wheeler about a couple of years back in South Tamil Nadu.   He was lying on the public road profusely bleeding with a  state minister present on the spot allowing to die without rendering any medical assistance by arranging  a transport with all the facilities at his disposal.    Had the police officer been rushed to an hospital or given first aid at the spot he would have survived.    But, no human rights activists or the Human Rights Commission even whispered about it.

                               The same was the case when scores of police men led by a superintendent of police, proceeding in a van in a ghat section on the Karnataka Tamil Nadu border were blown to pieces by the forest brigand Veerappan about a decade ago.  The human rights activists were mute witnesses.

                               But, when a ruthless day light dacoit gang armed with powerful fire arms, coming all the way from Bihar, indulging in inhuman acts of looting the public money in banking institutions in broad day light threatening every one around, including women and children of instant death, the champions of human rights are silent.   But, when the gang is located and when it attempted to kill the police men they were killed, the human rightists raise a hue and cry.  

                                 The midnight incident at Velachery is very much under magisterial enquiry.   If it reveals that the right of private defence, guaranteed under Sec. 100 of the Indian Penal Code has been exceeded then the question of human rights may be looked into.

                                Unlike any other institution in the entire state, the police have no organization whatsoever to represent any injustice meted out to them and defend their action in the lawful discharge of duty.

                               Under these circumstances, we make an earnest appeal to our Hon’ble Chief Minister to play the role of  a godmother for the voiceless policemen who toil and moil, day in and day out, taking all risks to protect the rights and liberties all the citizens of the state.                           

                                                                                          Thanking you,
                                                                              Yours faithfully,


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