Tuesday, October 18, 2011


உள்ளாட்சித் தேர்தல் ஒரு பார்வை---------

The Inspector  of Police,
Rathinapuri Police Station,
Coimbatore 641 027

      Sub: Civic elections- election campaign-forgery, cheating and impersonation
               Committed- investigation into- requested.

                In the process of campaign for the ensuing election of a councilor for the Ward No. 49 in the Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation, pamphlets, purported to have been issued by the Coimbatore district unit of the Anti Corruption Movement have been sent to the voters in the Rathinapuri area by post.  We have enclosed one of them. We are not the authors of the said pamphlet.   Some vested interests are suspected to be responsible for the same. In the publication of the pamphlet, offences of impersonation, forgery and cheating etc. have been committed.   It has affected the image, decency, dignity and reputation of our eleven year old state wide registered organization functioning as a watchdog body against corruption, in the eyes of the public.   Besides, it has adversely affected the reputation of the contesting candidates in the said ward, even affecting their winning chances.
                It is therefore, requested that an immediate investigation is initiated into the fraud, culprits arrested, prosecuted and a fair electioneering is ensured.                


                                        Thanking you 

                                          Yours faithfully,


Encl: 1. The pamphlet in question
          2. The pamphlet issued by the Coimbatore District Unit of the Anti Corruption
               Movement in connection with the ongoing civic elections                              

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